Favorite diet for 7 days

The problem of the constant presence and accumulation of excess weight is more relevant today than ever before. An inactive lifestyle, workload, inability to eat properly due to lack of time or established habits - all this leads to an increase in body fat. Many women seek safety in their diet, but the results do not always meet expectations. One of the really effective options is a favorite diet for 7 days.

lose weight on your favorite diet

This is a balanced multi -component diet that will allow you to clear your stomach, lose a few pounds and switch to a proper diet. If you follow a set of simple rules - to use only foods whose detailed menu for each day of the week is set for the Lover’s diet - without much sacrifice, you can lose up to 10 extra pounds. Of course, no one will name the exact result because of many factors, the main one being the initial weight, as well as the presence and intensity of physical activity. Before you start, you should carefully read the detailed daily menu, which is presented in the article, as well as general recommendations for the use of this diet.

early stage

Even before the start of a useful test like the seven -day Favorite diet, you need to complete a few preparatory steps. First, it is advisable to contact a nutritionist who can accurately determine the cause of excess weight accumulation. You need to make sure that the thing is in the wrong diet and insufficient load, and not in any other disease. However, this reason is indeed the most common.

Before the first day of the Beloved diet, it makes sense to refrain from snacks for several days, among which it is very important to refuse:

  • flour products;
  • sweets and drinks with sugar;
  • foods that are too salty.

You also need to strictly limit spices and all kinds of spices that arouse the appetite and make you eat more at one meal.

Attention! It is also necessary to switch to drinking a lot in advance so that the body gets used to the new rules. It is important to drink at least 2 liters of water. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas.

To maintain immunity during the diet, it is good to acquire a complex of vitamins and minerals. And, of course, it is important to set yourself up properly, trying to adjust the diet to the period as far as possible from stressful situations.

Expert opinion


An excellent option, especially for "lazy" people who dream of losing weight fast without any extra effort. But personally, I really doubt that with the help of a diet for 7 days you can lose 10 pounds. This happens very rarely, except in exceptional cases.

Yes, the 7 -day diet is quite effective and, importantly, it provides vitamin intake. As we know, vitamins are substances that regulate metabolic processes in the body. In people who take it, metabolism is accelerated. And as a result, many of them actually lose weight. In general, vitamins are useful not only for health, but also for the figure. As well as proper and balanced nutrition, which is prescribed in this diet. But this is not enough for the long term.

And, most likely, now I will disappoint many. If you want to lose all those extra pounds in a week, so that you can forget about dieting for a few years, then you will be disappointed. A week is not enough! Even if you get rid of excess weight, it will come back. Not enough to lose weight. You also need to maintain shape.

And vice versa. . . If you need to immediately organize yourself before going to sea, then this diet is quite suitable for you. But after coming home from vacation, you still need to seriously think about your lifestyle and diet.

A seven -day diet

The description of the Favorite diet assumes that there are precise recommendations for each day. No matter the day of the week you start. For convenience, they usually start on Monday, however, if the lingering desire to lose weight awakens, for example, on Tuesday, you can not postpone the process for a full week, because at this time the mood may disappear. A few days to prepare - and forward. The table lists the recommended products that can be used in combination and separately.

Number Description
Day 1 The so -called Valentine's diet drinking day, because you can only take liquid food. And you need to drink a lot - purified or sparkling water, as well as a decoction of healthy herbs. The nutritional component of the exemplary menu Favorite Diet for today is soup. It is impossible to sweeten any liquid (although honey is not included).
Day 2 Vegetable day. A variety of salads from different vegetables, fresh cabbage is much appreciated. Carrots will help eliminate hunger. Only beets and potatoes are banned this time.
Day 3 Recommended first day of the week Favorite diet. However, to increase the protein component in the diet, you need to add kefir or fermented milk products (liquid) to the menu.
Day 4 Favorite Fruity Diet Day. You can eat almost all fruits, but you should refrain from eating avocados and bananas, as they are the highest in calories. Wine is also not desirable. It is better to give preference to green apples and citrus fruits.
Day 5 Highest protein intake for Favorite diet. Turkey or chicken fillets, dairy products, boiled eggs.
Day 6 A diet similar to the diet of the first day of the week.
7th day Gradually exit the Favorite diet. Worth it to start the day with tea and two boiled eggs, drink soup for lunch, and eat a light vegetable salad for dinner.

The last day’s diet can be repeated for several days to further consolidate the results. In addition, it is important to remember about drinking: water and tea without sugar are allowed without restrictions.

Example of a weekly menu

Based on the recommendations presented, experts present examples of the implementation of the diet described in the dishes and recipes. Reviews and results of those who chose the Favorite diet for 7 days confirmed the effectiveness of the diet.

The day of drinking the Beloved Diet can be started with a glass of low -fat yogurt. After about an hour, you need to drink the vitamin, washing it down with tea without sugar. Before lunch, it is advisable to take up to two tablespoons of oat bran, after which (half an hour later) drink chicken broth. Then it is advisable to brew green tea. Snack - 150 g of yogurt, homemade is better, because it should be natural and completely without sugar. The role of dinner will be played by a glass of milk.

It's important! Don't forget to drink more plain water - purified or mineral without gas. This is necessary even on the day of drinking.

Vegetable day begins with two tomato seeds and tea. For lunch, a green salad is recommended, which will include cucumbers, cabbage and greens. It is better not to fill it at all, but one tablespoon of olive oil is allowed. Between lunch and dinner, you can eat two more cucumbers. It is desirable to supplement the daily diet with salads.

Beloved diet fruit day starts with two oranges, and during lunch you can eat grapefruit. Lunch - chopped fruit salad. It will include the following:

  • Apple,
  • orange,
  • Kiwi fruit.

These fruits are ideal for weight loss. An apple or pear can be eaten around five o'clock in the afternoon. Dinner should be very light - half a peeled grapefruit is enough. Favorite diet protein day starts with two boiled eggs and a cup of tea. Lunch - boiled sea fish, some of which should weigh 200g. Lunch - turkey fillet (150g). During the lunch snack, it is advisable to eat about a hundred grams of lean cottage cheese. In the evening, you can afford to buy about 100g of cheese with tea.

Nutritionist recommendations

The weight loss process must be organized properly. This means you should listen to expert advice. The fact is that a large number of photos posted on the network before and after losing weight push women to the immediate and often mistaken step.

Notes! Only a proper, balanced and fractional diet, in combination with physical activity will help you lose weight with the guarantee of no weight back and without endangering health.

The first thing that is recommended to focus on if you want to get an attractive healthy body is not diet, but the transition to a healthy lifestyle. No matter how bland it sounds, you need to give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol are not only addictions that are detrimental to health, but also a waste of useless time altogether. The time and money spent on alcohol and smoking is better spent on yourself and your body. If every time a smoke break is replaced with physical activity for five minutes, weight loss is soon. Nutritionists insist that half of success is attitude, the right motivation, the desire to reach the end in achieving your values. Psychological attitudes help to reject snacks repeatedly, to win another victory over their own addiction. But don’t limit yourself to diet alone. A specially selected set of physical exercises will make the body stronger and healthier, as well as strengthen the fighting spirit.

To lose weight, you need to combine several rules:

  • eat in fractions and in a balanced way after the completion of the week of Favorite diet;
  • go to the gym or work out at home;
  • drink plenty of water (about two liters a day);
  • sleep 6-8 hours a day.

Many underestimate the importance of sleep in the process of reducing body fat. But there is a direct connection between these processes.

A few words about nutrition

What is meant by proper nutrition, which must be changed to after seven days of the Lover's diet? There is a whole set of recommendations. The most important of them are:

  • eat more fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • leaving out sweets-empty calories of sugar do nothing but harm;
  • eat whole grains;
  • fermented milk products should be with the lowest percentage of fat, but not completely fat -free, even during the diet;
  • from meat, only chicken, lean portions of beef and fish should be included in the diet;
  • you need to eat as little as possible.

At the next meal, you need to remember that each overeating is a stretch of the stomach, which in the future will provoke a greater appetite. It is a fractional diet that will allow the stomach to tighten slightly. For this reason, it is recommended to eat at least 5-6 times a day. If this is difficult because of a work schedule, you can eat an apple or drink a protein shake between main meals.

Do not forget that a healthy metabolism is only possible with a gradual transition to proper nutrition. A sharp restriction in food can lead to the accumulation of fat reserves in the body.

Also, experts recommend keeping a special diary. This is true not only for diets, where such techniques are used for self -control, but also for daily use. On the diary page, you should write down what foods you have eaten today, showing the number of calories consumed. This will ultimately help you monitor your own diet easily and fully control the weight loss process. Such suggestions during the diet are often forgotten, but losing weight really requires an incentive to keep moving towards the intended goal. And this movement setting is just supportive.


  • The first study, a woman, 29 years old: "I tried a lot of diets and finally got a" Lover. "This method is quite economical and does not require the cost of additional ingredients with a varied menu, although salt and sugar must be excluded, which confuses some people, but this is notas difficult as it seemed at first. Throughout the course, there was no strong hunger and deterioration in general condition. In 7 days, I lost 3 kg. "
  • The second comment, a girl, 24 years: "After giving birth, I gained a lot of weight, and therefore I had to find a diet that would help lose the accumulated weight quickly. A friend advised me to try the seven-cleansing program" Lover ". , while I lasted a week, I was impressed with the result - 5 kg, because it never happened. At the same time, I was not hungry, I did not suffer from depression, irritability, I went in sports without any problems. "
  • The third comment, a woman, 38 years old: "This diet has actually become my favorite, because it helps me quickly get in shape before the beach season. I was lazy for a long time and still could not decide to lose weight until my husband gavemy last minute trip to the sea "I had to lose a hated weight fast. "Lover" is the best choice. In 7 days I lost 6 kg, however, combining diet with physical activity. "